Are Growers Choice Seeds Good?

Who has the best feminized seeds?

Best Feminized Marijuana Seeds#9 Super Silver Haze Feminized.

#8 Chocolope Feminized.

#6 Chemdog Feminized.

#5 Sour Diesel Feminized.

#4 Mango Feminized.

#3 Bubba Kush Feminized.

#2 Green Crack Feminized.

#1 Golden Nugget Feminized.More items….

Why feminized seeds are bad?

Breeders make feminized seeds by stressing a female plant into growing male sex features like pollen, and then using this pollen to fertilize another female. The resulting seeds lack male chromosomes. … But feminized seeds got a bad reputation due to early efforts with plants that had high hermaphroditic tendencies.

What is the strongest strain of Indica?

1 – Godfather OG (The World’s Strongest Marijuana Strain?) This indica dominant hybrid is reported to have a THC content of over 34%!

How reliable are feminized seeds?

Feminized seeds are as good as regular seeds to make mother plants. Moreover, there is uniformity in the products even when production is carried out on a large scale. The quality of the feminized seeds can be judged from the number of hermaphroditic plants it produces.

Are there any seed banks in the United States?

Another American-based seed bank, Grower’s Choice Seed bank offers not only a delightful assortment of cannabis seeds but also offers some growing solutions — tools that can help you take your weed seeds from sprout to harvest.

Who has the best seed genetics?

Top 10 Best Seed Banks with American Genetics Dinafem Seeds: His OG Kush is flooding California. Sweet Seeds: Breeders par excellence. Humboldt Seeds Organization: Authentic American flavour. DNA Genetics: The Mastery of L. A. Confidential. Royal Queen Seeds: Kingship made of seeds. Soma Seeds: The East Coast DNA.More items…

Who are the best seed breeders?

Which Strain Breeders Can I Trust?Barney’s Farm.Dinafem.DNA Genetics (Reserva Privada)Dutch Passion.Mephisto Genetics (autoflowering only)MSNL Seeds.Nirvana.Seedsman In-House Genetics.

Is it better to buy feminized seeds?

The main advantage for growers who choose feminized cannabis seeds is that they don’t have to identify or remove male plants which would cause pollination. Unless the gardener desires more seeds, rather than buds, this is an essential part of the cultivation process.

Is i49 seed bank legit?

The genetics of the seed are immaculate. No issues with mold no issues with Disease just good quality female Product. Ordered more seeds and they gave me some free ones can’t wait I recommend this company to anyone specially if you’re just starting off. Very satisfied customer.

Are feminized seeds less potent?

Many people ask us if they will have as much flavor as the others, or if they will come out strong, they even doubt if feminized seeds are less powerful, the answer is that they are completely equal to the normal ones, so if they do not come out good it is because of the production process or because of a bad selection …

How can you tell if a seed is male or female?

If what you’ve got is a handful of seeds, it’s pretty much impossible to tell which ones are male or female. The only way true way to tell the plant’s gender is to plant some seeds, then wait. After a period of several weeks, it will begin to pre-flower, or form a small bud in the crux of a branch.

Can a female plant turn male?

“Female plants don’t actually turn male, they become hermaphrodites,” says Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. … The female plant will develop male flowers in response to stress, to ensure seeds are produced before the environmental trigger can kill the plant.

Where is the seed Pharm located?

CanadaWe are located in Canada so we make ordering comfortable for all of north America to buy our marijuana seeds for sale.

Where is i49 seed bank located?

Broken Arrow, OKI49 Seed Bank Broken Arrow, OK Medical Marijuana – MapQuest.

Where does Growers Choice Seeds ship from?

Where is Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds geographically located? Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds corporate headquarters is in Barcelona, Spain.

Is Barneys Farm legit?

Many years ago, I began growing Cannabis seriously! My go to shop was and still is Barneys Farm. They have numerous years experience breeding! Have had great results, with minimal hassles!

Is Greenpoint seeds legit?

I ordered seeds from here Love this place, excellent I ordered from another place 30 days prior to Greenpoint Seeds and never got my seeds. Avoid Pacific seeds. A scam.