How Do I Remove My Google Account From Freefire?

How do I log into my free fire account?

Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire.Select the guest option.Click on the Facebook option.Log in to the account..

How do I switch my guest account on free fire?

How to transfer Guest Account Free FireOpen the Explorer app and enter your internal storage.Locate the com. garena. msdk folder.Copy folder and transfer it to your new phone through Bluetooth or by uploading it on Google Drive.

How can I delete my Google account without password?

In your phone settings go to “Accounts” choose the account you want to remove then click “Remove Account” it will delete everything off your device associated with that account. This is for Android devices, I’m not sure how to do that on an iPhone device.

How do I remove a Google account from my options?

How to remove a Google account from an Android phoneOpen your phone settings. Open your settings. … Tap on “Accounts” (it may also be listed as “Users and Accounts,” depending on your device). Pick the account you want to delete. … Tap the account you want to remove and then click “Remove Account.”

How do I remove a Google account from my Samsung?

How do I remove an existing Google Account on my Samsung device?1 Swipe up on the Home Screen or tap on Apps.2 Tap on Settings.3 Scroll down and tap on Clouds and accounts.4 Tap on Accounts.5 Tap on the Google Account that you want to remove.6 Tap on Remove Account.7 Tap on Remove Account again to confirm that you are aware of some data loss.8 Google Account is now removed.

How do I transfer my Google account to Freefire?

Here Is How To Bind Free Fire Guest Account With Google, VK, or Facebook Account:Open Free Fire Application.Go To Settings. … Make Sure To Be In Basic Tab. … Scroll Down Till Account Settings. … Choose Your Preferred Option (FB, Google, VK) … Fill required Details and Submit.

How do I remove my Google account from other devices?

Remove computers & devices from your trusted listOpen your Google Account. You might need to sign in.Under “Security,” select Signing in to Google.Choose 2-Step Verification.Under “Devices you trust,” select Revoke all.

How can I remove my Gmail from other devices?

On a desktop computer, log in to Gmail and scroll down to the bottom of your inbox. You should see tiny print that says “Last account activity.” Click the “Details” button right below it. Press the “sign out all other web sessions” button to remotely log out of Gmail from computers in other locations.

Why was my free fire account suspended?

Garena Free Fire Suspended Account Recovery 2020 Modifying game data or hacking: Any unauthorized change made to the game’s data, client or servers would get both your device and account banned permanently.

How do I remove a Google account from a computer?

Select Data and personalization. Under “Download, delete, or make a plan for your data,” select Delete a service or your account. Under “Delete a Google service,” click Delete a service. You might need to sign in again.

How do I remove a Google account from a device?

Remove a Google or other account from your phoneOpen your phone’s Settings app.Tap Accounts. If you don’t see “Accounts,” tap Users & accounts.Tap the account you want to remove. Remove account.If this is the only Google Account on the phone, you’ll need to enter your phone’s pattern, PIN, or password for security.

How do I get my free fire account back?

According to the official FAQ, there is no way to recover the lost guest accounts, since, the data of the guest account is stored on the device and not the store. So if the game data is deleted or device is lost, there is no way to recover it back.