Question: Does CF Mean Cross Reference?

What does CF stand for in medical terms?

Cystic fibrosisCystic fibrosis (CF) is a disease that is passed down through families.

It is caused by a defective gene that makes the body produce abnormally thick and sticky fluid, called mucus.

This mucus builds up in the breathing passages of the lungs and in the pancreas..

What does CF mean in French?

abbreviation for. (= compare) cf. ⧫ voir.

What does CF mean in engineering?

CF. Cold Formed or Cold Finished. CHQ.

What is a CF list on Instagram?

The latest update includes an option for users to create a “Close Friends” list that they can send photos and videos to instead of to their story. … Users will see a green ring around their friend’s profile photos in the story list if they’re one of the user’s close friends.

What does CF mean in taxonomy?

Cf. ( Latin: conferret literally means to bring to- gether and, in taxonomy, usually indicates to be compared.

What does CF stand for commercial?

commercial filmCF, an abbreviation for “commercial film”, the term for a television advertisement in South Korea.

Why does CF compare?

The abbreviation cf. (short for the Latin: confer/conferatur, both meaning “compare”) is used in writing to refer the reader to other material to make a comparison with the topic being discussed.

What does NB mean?

note wellOften abbreviated as NB, n.b., or with the ligature. , the phrase is Latin for “note well.” In Modern English, it is used, particularly in legal papers, to draw the attention of the reader to a certain (side) aspect or detail of the subject being addressed.

What does CF mean in music?

cantus firmusIn music, a cantus firmus (“fixed melody”) is a pre-existing melody forming the basis of a polyphonic composition.

What does CF for CF mean on Instagram?

Fan ClubIn the case I told you (the one of my favorite band) the acronym “CF” meant “Fan Club”, this is because that account or profile of Instagram was that of a group of fans of the band, this case was He can see repeatedly in singers, artists, writers and other popular personalities.

What does CF mean after a name?

All Churchill Fellows are entitled to use the letters ‘CF’ (for ‘Churchill Fellow’) after their names.

What is CF means in Korea?

Commercial FilmWhen Koreans say “CF” they mean “Commercial Film” meaning what we call “commercials,” those advertisements that you see on TV. We also say “commercial film,” but it describes the type of film, as in “indie (independant) film.”

How do you use CF in a sentence?

Use “cf.” to contrast; to compare like things, use “see” or “see also.” e.g., “for example,” (abbreviation for exempli gratia) Some studies (e.g., Jenkins & Morgan, 2010; Macmillan, 2009) have supported this conclusion. Others—for example, Chang (2004)—disagreed. Always put a comma after.

What does Greek mean in sexually?

‘Greek love’ is sometimes used to refer to anal intercourse, and nowadays even, ‘doing it the Greek way’ still describes anal intercourse.

Is CF a word?

Cultural definitions for Cf. An abbreviation meaning “compare.” It is short for the Latin word confer and instructs the reader to compare one thing with another.

What does CF mean in a reference?

cf. The abbreviation cf. stands for the Latin word confer which means “compare.” It is primarily used in endnotes or footnotes to point readers to works that the author recommends referencing in comparison with the work at hand. Therefore, it might be more useful to read cf.