Question: What Are Educational Frameworks?

What are the objectives of a curriculum framework?

Its main objectives are to: – Establish the principles on which decisions regarding school curriculum are based.

– Indicate the values that are important to education and are to be encouraged and modelled.

– Establish the essential competencies and skills needed for successful lifelong learning..

What is the difference between a framework and a curriculum?

There are key differences, however. A curriculum framework is a set of standards that specifies the content to be learned. It is different because it defines the intended curriculum, or “what” to teach. … A lesson planning framework is what teachers use to organize, plan, and reflect their thinking.

What is framework example?

The definition of framework is a support structure or system that holds parts together, has something stretched over it or acts as the main structure. An example of a framework is four posts supporting a deck cover. An example of a framework is an outline created before writing an essay.

What is Danielson framework?

Originally developed by Charlotte Danielson in 1996, the framework for professional practice identifies aspects of a teacher’s responsibilities, which are supported by empirical studies and help to improve student learning. Danielson created the framework to capture “good teaching” in all of its complexity.

What are the 3 ethical frameworks?

Three Frameworks Based upon the three-part division of traditional normative ethical theories discussed above, it makes sense to suggest three broad frameworks to guide ethical decision making: The Consequentialist Framework; The Duty Framework; and the Virtue Framework.

How do you write a curriculum framework?

How to Write a Curriculum from Start to FinishDetermine your vision and intention for the curriculum.Outline your overarching topics.Review any current curriculum to determine what to keep and what to retire.Organize your standards based on the topics and timeline.Write the lessons to provide a comprehensive student learning experience.More items…•

How do you create a curriculum framework?

Six Steps of Curriculum DesignStep 1: Principles and purpose – Set out the intent of your curriculum. … Step 2: Entitlement and enrichment – Develop your pupil entitlement. … Step 3: Breadth and balance – Develop the content of your curriculum. … Step 4: Teaching narrative – Plan the delivery of your curriculum.More items…•

What is the meaning of National Curriculum Framework?

The National Curriculum Framework (NCF) provides the students as well as the society a set of plan of what students have to learn and are expected to achieve at the end of their secondary schooling. The main aims of the framework are to: fulfill the needs of the students. fulfill the needs of the country.

What are the 3 types of curriculum?

Curriculum is defined: planned learning experiences with intended outcomes while recognizing the importance of possible unintended outcomes. There are three types of curriculum: (1) explicit (stated curriculum), (2) hidden (unofficial curriculum), and (3) absent or null ( excluded curriculum).

What are ethical frameworks in education?

Five frameworks of ethics have been identified in education: (1) the ethic of care, (2) the ethic of justice, (3) the ethic of critique, (4) the ethic of profession and (5) the ethic of community (Furman, 2004). … (3)The ethic of critique has to do with questioning – asking why are things the way they are.

What is subject framework?

[Applies to elementary schools] A subject is a set of instructional topics and objectives taught to students, often for the entire school year. A subject element is one component of a complete subject.

What is the virtue framework?

Virtue ethics is a philosophy developed by Aristotle and other ancient Greeks. … This character-based approach to morality assumes that we acquire virtue through practice. By practicing being honest, brave, just, generous, and so on, a person develops an honorable and moral character.

What framework means?

English Language Learners Definition of framework : the basic structure of something : a set of ideas or facts that provide support for something. : a supporting structure : a structural frame.

How do you write a framework?

4. Developing a Framework or Model of ChangeDescribe the intended uses of your framework or model of change: … Outline your initiative or program’s vision and mission: … State the objectives of your initiative or effort: … Describe the appropriate scope or level of your framework or model of change:More items…

What are the types of framework?

Types of Automated Testing FrameworksLinear Automation Framework.Modular Based Testing Framework.Library Architecture Testing Framework.Data-Driven Framework.Keyword-Driven Framework.Hybrid Testing Framework.