Question: What Are PL SQL Procedures?

How do you call a procedure in PL SQL block?

Execute a PL/SQL anonymous block using SQL*Plus Second, turn on the server output using the SET SERVEROUTPUT ON command so that the DBMS_OUTPUT.

PUT_LINE procedure will display text on the screen.

Third, type the code of the block and enter a forward slash ( / ) to instruct SQL*Plus to execute the block..

How do I execute a stored procedure in PL SQL?

Using PL/SQL to Capture Business LogicOpen SQL Developer and open a connection to your Oracle database.Login to your Oracle database as system.Open SQL Workheet or SQL*Plus and run the following grant statement to assign the create procedure privilege to the HR user: grant create procedure to hr;More items…

WHAT IS function and procedure in PL SQL?

“A procedures or function is a group or set of SQL and PL/SQL statements that perform a specific task.” A function and procedure is a named PL/SQL Block which is similar . The major difference between a procedure and a function is, a function must always return a value, but a procedure may or may not return a value.

How do I test a procedure in PL SQL?

The third section is easy to create, simply open the Test or Debug dialog of the PL/SQL Procedure. An EXCEPTION variable is declared on line 22 below….Writing a Unit TestDescribe unit test.DELETE and INSERT test data.Initialize and call the PL/SQL Procedure.Assert test results and record the results.

Why do we use procedures in PL SQL?

A function will return a value, A “value” have be one of many things including PL/SQL tables, ref cursors etc. … Procedures are used to execute business logic, where we can return multiple values from the procedure using OUT or IN OUT parameters.