Question: What Is The Noun Form Of Pay?

Is it pay a noun?


the act of paying or being paid; payment.

wages, salary, or a stipend.

a person with reference to solvency or reputation for meeting obligations: The bank regards him as good pay..

Is payment a noun or adjective?

noun. something that is paid; an amount paid; compensation; recompense.

What is the noun form of work?

Work as an uncountable noun Work is an uncountable noun when it means something we do that takes an effort, often as part of a job or for study: Hard work is good for you. It keeps you fit. ( work as a physical activity) I’m not going out tonight.

What is the abstract noun of pay?

The abstract noun forms for the verb to pay are payer, payee, payment, and the gerund, paying.

Is the word me a noun?

A pronoun (I, me, he, she, herself, you, it, that, they, each, few, many, who, whoever, whose, someone, everybody, etc.) is a word that takes the place of a noun. In the sentence Joe saw Jill, and he waved at her, the pronouns he and her take the place of Joe and Jill, respectively.

What is the adjective of pay?

payable. Due to be paid. Able to be paid.