Question: What Month Do You Plant Winter Pansies?

What temperature is too cold for pansies?

The reason for these specific planting dates is because pansies require soil temperatures between 45° F and 65° F for best growth.

Pansies planted after soil temperatures go below 45° F often appear stunted, develop stunted, pale green leaves and flower poorly..

Is it too late to plant pansies?

ANSWER: Not at all. You are still in prime planting season for cool-season bedding plants. Planted now, pansies will provide flowers and color through the winter and put on a really nice display in March and April. All of the cool-season bedding plants available at area nurseries can be planted now.

Is it too late to plant winter pansies?

Winter flowering pansies will flower well into the late spring. Planting winter pansies in late autumn and winter will produce a great flush of spring flowers. They just take a little longer to flourish as the spring temperatures improve. In spring Pansy varieties are specific for spring and summer.

Do Pansies like sun or shade?

Pansies perform best in cooler weather, and are therefore usually planted in spring or fall. They like rich, well-drained soil high in organic matter, and full sun or partial shade. (Shade is especially beneficial south of Zone 7 where the hot afternoon sun will shut down flower production.)

What is the lowest temperature Pansies can tolerate?

It is a good idea to monitor the weather, as temperatures that drop into the low 20s can damage even the most cold-tolerant annuals, such as pansies. Temperatures that dip to 25 degrees will likely damage the flowers on pansies. The plants should survive, but their spring flower display will be severely affected.

What temperature will kill pansies?

Growing Pansies in Winter Areas much further north than zone 6 are tricky and may have winter weather that kills pansies. When the temperature gets down to about 25 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 Celsius), flowers and foliage will begin to wilt, or even freeze.

What month do you plant pansies?

SpringPansies grow best when soil temperatures range between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring planting roughly coincides with planting your earliest spring vegetables.

Do pansies grow in winter?

Most plants in the viola family do best in spring and fall, as they prefer the cool weather. Remember pansies planted in the fall usually bloom off and on all winter, popping up whenever there is a thaw. The root grows strong all winter, hence the plant becomes very vigorous and lush by early spring.

How long will pansies last?

eight monthsThat means if you plant them in the autumn, pansies can last up to eight months, from September to April or May, providing colorful blooms for much of that time. They usually aren’t very pretty in the dead of winter, but their spring blooms can be even more robust when the plants have been in the ground since fall.

Do pansies spread?

Pansies like full or partial sun, but need cooler temperatures to thrive. The ideal planting site will get morning sun but avoid the heat of the late afternoon. Space the plants about 7 to 12 inches apart. They will spread about 9 to 12 inches and grow to be about 6 to 9 inches tall.

Do I need to cover pansies from frost?

Pansies and Violas are hardy plants and will survive a frost—and even a hard freeze—for a period of time. … Frozen soil and drying winds can kill the plants, even though the plants were healthy prior to that. Snow cover actually helps the pansy beds, as it insulates and protects from wind.