Quick Answer: Is There A Bass Flute?

How much does a bass flute weigh?

7kgThe instrument is comparatively light, weighing only 7kg (compared to 15 kg for the brass version), and can be produced relatively quickly and inexpensively..

What Clef is bass flute in?

The bass flute sounds an octave lower than written and is notated in the treble clef. It is not a true bass instrument, in the sense that most of its range lies above middle C. The size of the instrument means that it requires considerable amounts of air to play, so the dynamic range is limited.

Is C flute a flute?

C-flute is the most widely used flute size, commonly used for shipping cases. Often used for packaging glass products, dairy products, and furniture, C-flute offers good crushing resistance, good stacking strength, and highly acceptable printing properties.

What Clef is flute written in?

The treble clef was historically used to mark a treble, or pre-pubescent, voice part. Instruments that use treble clef include violin, flute, oboe, cor anglais, bagpipe, all clarinets, all saxophones, horn, trumpet, cornet, vibraphone, xylophone, mandolin, and recorder.

What instrument has the lowest range?

octobassHow low does the octobass go? The octobass owned by the Montreal Symphony Orchestra is apparently the lowest working one, with a range reportedly extending more than an octave below that of the double bass.

Is recorder similar to flute?

The recorder is a family of woodwind musical instruments in the group known as internal duct flutes—flutes with a whistle mouthpiece, also known as fipple flutes. … Recorders are traditionally constructed from wood and ivory, while most recorders made in recent years are constructed from molded plastic.

What are the 3 members of the flute family?

It is not unusual for a performer who plays the flute to switch to other members of the flute family: the piccolo, alto flute and bass flute.

What Clef does alto flute play in?

It was the favourite flute variety of Theobald Boehm, who perfected its design, and is pitched in the key of G (sounding a perfect fourth lower than written). Its range is from G3 (the G below middle C) to G6 (4 ledger lines above the treble clef staff) plus an altissimo register stretching to D♭7.

What is a wooden flute called?

Native American fluteNative American flute crafted by Chief Arthur Two-Crows, 1987Woodwind instrumentOther namesNative American style flute, courting flute, love flute, and many othersClassificationWoodwind Wind Aerophone7 more rows

What does a bass flute look like?

Some bass flutes have been made with two bends in the head joint and the fingers holes extending vertically. This gives the bass flute a look more like a saxophone, but the sound is still made by blowing across the embouchure hole, rather than into the instrument.

What Clef is oboe?

treble clefOboe music is written in the treble clef and is in the key of C. The oboe is a non transposing instrument. Its range is from Bb below middle C to a´´´´ (an A four ledger lines above the staff). English horn: A member of the oboe family, this double reed instrument is pitched lower than the oboe.

What instrument has the most notes?

PianosPianos Contain More Notes It’s the only instrument with 88 separate keys, and you can play the lowest and highest notes all at the same time, a trick that can’t be achieved by many other instruments. The range of notes that can be played on the standard piano is staggering.

What is the lowest note an oboe can play?

INSTRUMENTWRITTEN RANGE (C4=middle C)SOUNDING (transposition) …than writtenPiccoloD4-C7C: 1 octave higher Db: minor 9th higherFlute(in C) or QuerfloeteC4-D7Alto Flute(in G)C4-C7a Perfect 4th lowerOboeBb3-A646 more rows

What is a tiny flute called?

The piccolo /ˈpɪkəloʊ/ (Italian pronunciation: [ˈpikkolo]; Italian for “compact”, but named ottavino in Italy) is a half-size flute, and a member of the woodwind family of musical instruments. … It is also called flauto piccolo or flautino.

What is the biggest flute called?

double contrabass fluteThe double contrabass flute (sometimes also called the octobass flute or subcontrabass flute) with over 5.5 metres (18 ft) of tubing is the largest and lowest pitched metal flute in the world (the hyperbass flute has an even lower range, though it is made out of PVC pipes and wood).