Quick Answer: What Are The Benefits For Working At GameStop?

Is GameStop going out of business in 2020?

While GameStop manages to turn a fourth-quarter profit, the brand will be closing at least 320 stores in 2020, while forced closures related to COVID-19 coronavirus continue to represent a challenge for the struggling chain.

GameStop has not announced a definitive date for re-opening stores at this time..

Does GameStop get paid weekly?

Game Stop pays biweekly.

What are the requirements to work at GameStop?

Employees must be at least 16 years old for entry-level positions. Both full-time and part-time roles exist with the video game retailer. There is room for advancement in the company, as Gamestop promotes within the store.

Is it worth working at GameStop?

The job is never worth the amount of stress, and certainly isn’t worth the pay. Basically everything else. While the overall work culture of Gamestop is fun and energizing, you will never receive the hours you need to survive if it is your only income. I often received <10 hours per week.

What is GameStop starting pay?

Many entry-level GameStop game advisors start out making $8.00 an hour. With good job performance, the average hourly wages can increase up to $10.00. GameStop also offers many enticing job perks and other employment benefits.

Does GameStop have a dress code?

There’s not a “uniform”, make sure your clothes are clean, you look and smell clean. Preferably polo’s and jeans or things of that nature. Normal day wear. GameStop polo or one of the gaming tees that GameStop sells.

How much is insurance at Gamestop?

Game Warranty GPG 1 Year $25.00-$49.99.

Does GameStop offer health insurance?

GameStop offers standard employee discounts, health insurance, vacation and paid time off. GameStop employee health benefits, healthcare plan with Dental and Vision coverage. … Life insurance is available.

What should I wear to GameStop interview?

In addition to providing customer-oriented answers and brushing up on general gaming knowledge, applicants should attend interviews in professional attire. Appropriate dress includes polos, button-down shirts, khakis, and sensible tops.

What are the shifts at GameStop?

Working part time as a game adviser at Gamestop will give you about 4-12 hours a week, except for Nov-Dec. It’s always going to be an evening shift (4-9) or a weekend (mostly evening) shift.

What is minimum wage at GameStop?

GameStop Corp. pays its employees an average of $13.14 an hour. Hourly pay at GameStop Corp. ranges from an average of $9.01 to $19.26 an hour.

Do GameStop employees get discounts?

Employee discount is 15% for every single employee.

Is GameStop in trouble?

The world’s biggest video game retailer, GameStop, is in serious trouble. In the past 12 months, the company’s stock value has dropped by two-thirds — from about $15 in January 2019 to under $5 by January 2020 — and it reshuffled its C-suite.

Why working at GameStop is bad?

Horrible schedules, no consistency. They take advantage of people who actually like games to make sales. Its all about selling Memberships, Game Protection, and getting reservations.

How easy is it to get a job at GameStop?

Getting a job with Gamestop is far from easy. You will face a tough competition, and you should do something to stand out with your application. There are several ways of standing out. One is having a connection in the store (you can build one over time), another one is giving fantastic interview answers…

Why is GameStop closing?

New York (CNN Business) GameStop will close all of its storefronts starting Sunday following outcry from employees and calls from lawmakers to stay at home as coronavirus spreads in the United States.

Why is GameStop so cheap?

They’re not trying to save you money- they’re trying to earn more profit from their sales. This means whenever they buy that game off you for $15 and turnaround to sell it for $45, they’re making $30 in pure profit. The less they offer you for your used games, the more money they make.

How much do you get for working at GameStop?

Average GameStop hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.42 per hour for Seasonal Associate to $16.67 per hour for Store Manager. The average GameStop salary ranges from approximately $21,345 per year for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $37,833 per year for Store Manager.