Quick Answer: What Element Forms An Ion With An Electronic Configuration Of KR And A Charge?

Why is K+ more stable than k2+?

Atomic number of k = 19, …

We see that, Pottasium(k) has 1 electron in it’s outermost shell, So k+ will have, 8 outermost electrons, According to Octet rule, K+ will be more stable !..

How many 4s electrons are in K?

This means that every atom of potassium has 19 protons in its nucleus. In a neutral atom, the number of protons is equal to the number of electrons. So the electron configuration of potassium will involve 19 electrons. The full electron configuration of potassium is 1s22s22p63s23p64s1 .

Which element has the following ground state electron configuration Kr 5s2 4d10 5p3?

antimony atomSo, for an antimony atom, the noble gas configuration would be [Kr] 5s2 4d10 5p3.

What is the electron configuration for K?

[Ar] 4s¹Potassium/Electron configuration

What element is Kr 5s2 4d6?

Electronic Configurations of elements in periodic table1.Hydrogen: 1s12 – Helium: 1s241 – Niobium: [Kr], 5s2, 4d342 – Molybdenum: [Kr], 5s2, 4d443 – Technetium: [Kr], 5s2, 4d544 – Ruthenium: [Kr], 5s2, 4d645 – Rhodium: [Kr], 5s2, 4d746 – Palladium: [Kr], 5s2, 4d847 – Silver: [Kr], 5s2, 4d948 – Cadmium: [Kr], 5s2, 4d1054 more rows•Aug 30, 2011

What ion has the same electronic configuration as Kr?

BrNotice how Br− has the same electron configuration as Kr. When this happens, the two are said to be isoelectronic. Write the electron configuration codes for the following atoms or ions using the noble gas electron configuration shortcut.

Which element forms a 3+ ion that has the electron configuration KR 4d10?

Therefore, the element that forms the +3 ion that has the given electron configuration is Cobalt (Co).

What element forms an ion with an electronic configuration of?

Answer : The symbol of the element is Selenium (Se). Explanation : Electronic configuration is distribution of electrons in an atom in atomic orbitals.

What element forms an ion with an electronic configuration of AR and a − 2 charge?

The element that has two less protons than argon, so it has to be sulfur (16) to have the same configuration as argon (18). So the ion would be sulfur with a -2 charge (S-2). The element which has (Ar) 4s2 electronic configuration?

Which if any is the ground state electron configuration for K+?

The ground state electron configuration of ground state gaseous neutral potassium is [Ar]. 4s1 and the term symbol is 2S1/2.

Which two ions have the same electron configuration in the ground state?

Strong, um, two plus and our bromide ion br minus are the ones that have the same number of electrons They are is Elektronik. They have the same number of electrons, same electron configuration.

Which ion has the smallest ionic radius?

SodiumPositive ions are smaller than the atoms they come from. Sodium is 2,8,1; Na+ is 2,8. You’ve lost a whole layer of electrons, and the remaining 10 electrons are being pulled in by the full force of 11 protons….electronic structure of ionionic radius (nm)Li+20.076Na+2, 80.102K+2, 8, 80.138Rb+2, 8, 18, 80.1521 more row

What element forms a 3+ ion?

A nitrogen atom must gain three electrons to have the same number of electrons as an atom of the following noble gas, neon. Thus, a nitrogen atom will form an anion with three more electrons than protons and a charge of 3−. The symbol for the ion is N3−, and it is called a nitride ion.

What element forms an ion with an electronic configuration of 1s22s22p6?

OxygenWhat element forms an ion with an electronic configuration of 1s22s22p6 (or [Ne] ) and a −2 charge? Give the symbol for the element. g. The answer is Oxygen.

Which ion has the largest radius Cl K+ Br F?

In other words, K+ has bigger effective nuclear charge than Cl− , which translates to a bigger net positive charge felt by the outermost electrons. This will compress the energy levels a bit and make the ionic radius smaller for the potassium cation. Therefore, the chloride anion will have the larger atomic radius.