Quick Answer: Will Chocolate Be Gone In 20 Years?

Who first made chocolate?

There are conflicting reports about when chocolate arrived in Europe, although it’s agreed it first arrived in Spain.

One story says Christopher Columbus discovered cacao beans after intercepting a trade ship on a journey to America and brought the beans back to Spain with him in 1502..

Are cocoa beans rare?

The three main varieties of cocoa plant are Forastero, Criollo, and Trinitario. The first is the most widely used, comprising 80–90% of the world production of cocoa. Cocoa beans of the Criollo variety are rarer and considered a delicacy.

What countries are cocoa beans grown in?

70% of the world’s cocoa beans come from four West African countries: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. The Ivory Coast and Ghana are by far the two largest producers of cocoa: together they cultivate more than half of the world´s cocoa.

Will chocolate start to disappear?

The story originated with an article on Business Insider, warning that cacao plants — the source of chocolate — “are slated to disappear as early as 2050 thanks to warmer temperatures and dryer weather conditions.” … “Chocolate is not ‘on track’ to go extinct in 40 years.”

Is there a cocoa bean shortage?

About half of the cocoa beans recently produced by the Ivory Coast aren’t meeting quality standards, adding to an existing worldwide shortage of that key chocolate ingredient. … Experts predicted in 2014 that there will be a chocolate shortage by 2020, due to the issues with cocoa production.

Where does chocolate come from?

Anthropologists have found evidence that chocolate was produced by pre-Olmec cultures living in present-day Mexico as early as 1900 B.C. The ancient Mesoamericans who first cultivated cacao plants found in the tropical rainforests of Central America fermented, roasted and ground the cacao beans into a paste that they …

Does chocolate contain cockroach?

Most people who are allergic to chocolate aren’t having a reaction to cocoa or any of chocolate’s other official ingredients. No, the flare ups are most likely triggered by the ground-up cockroach parts that contaminate every batch. According to ABC News, the average chocolate bar contains eight insect parts.

How much longer will we have chocolate?

The new year has just begun, and chocolate lovers have already been hit with scary news: We could run out of chocolate in 40 years, as climate change makes it too hot for cocoa plants to survive.

Why cocoa production is at risk?

The cultivation of cacao has always been a risky venture. Aging trees limit productivity; disease decimates about 30% of annual production; and climate change studies show the crop will be adversely affected by higher temperatures and increased water evaporation.

How is chocolate made?

The seeds of the cacao tree have an intense bitter taste and must be fermented to develop the flavor. After fermentation, the beans are dried, cleaned, and roasted. The shell is removed to produce cacao nibs, which are then ground to cocoa mass, unadulterated chocolate in rough form.

Is Coco going extinct?

Not extinctCacao tree/Extinction status

Why is chocolate disappearing?

Experts are predicting that the world will run out of chocolate in nearly 40 years since the cacao plants are struggling to survive in the warm climate. The trees can grow in 20 degrees on north and south of the equator. They can grow under specific conditions that include high humidity and excessive rains.

What is the oldest chocolate company?

CaillerCailler, world’s oldest chocolate brand, to finally hit U.S.