What Does SOLV Mean?

What does SOLV stand for?

Sustaining Oregon’s Legacy by VolunteeringSOLVE (formerly SOLV, Sustaining Oregon’s Legacy by Volunteering, originally an acronym for Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism) is an environmental non-profit organization working throughout the U.S.

state of Oregon.

The group is based in Portland..

What does FoSo mean in texting?

Acronym. Definition. FoSo. Netværk for Forskning I Socialt Arbejde.

What does IUT mean?

Implementation under testIUT may refer to: Implementation under test, a term used in technological vulnerability analysis, particularly protocol evaluation.

What does Hou mean?

HOUAcronymDefinitionHOUHordes of the Underdark (gaming, Neverwinter Nights Expansion Pack)HOUHands-On Universe (educational program; University of California, Berkeley)HOUHeavy Oil UpgradingHOUHouston, TX, USA – Houston Hobby Airport (Airport Code)3 more rows