Who Is Winner Of Bigg Boss 15?

Who is highest vote in Bigg Boss 13?

The poll results are in, and Hindustan Times readers want Sidharth Shukla to win Bigg Boss 13.

The controversial contestant took 44% of the votes, ahead of Saturday’s season finale.

Following Sidharth in the number two position was Asim Riaz, who garnered 35% of the votes..

Who are the contestants of Bigg Boss 13?

Bigg Boss 13: From Koena Mitra to Abu Malik, a complete list of probable contestants of Salman Khan’s showDevoleena Bhatacharjee. … Sidharth Shukla. … Rashami Desai. … Mahira Sharma. … Koena Mitra. … Shehnaaz Gill. … Aarti Singh. … Shefali Bagga.More items…•

How much is Salman Khan paid for Bigg Boss?

Salman charged a whopping Rs 7 crore per episode for Bigg Boss season 10, the report stated.

Who is the top 3 winner of Bigg Boss 13?

11:45 pm: Rohit Shetty evicts Rashami Desai After giving a tough competition to all the contenders, Rashami Desai got evicted from the show with Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz and Shehnaaz Gill proceeding to be the top 3 contestants of Bigg Boss 13.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss Season 14?

Rubina DilaikBigg Boss 14: Seniors Hina Khan and Gauahar see Rubina Dilaik as the clear cut winner of the season; Sidharth Shukla disagrees. Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rubina Dilaik, who is one of the popular faces of television this season and enjoys a great fan following in comparison to others is going good in the game.

Who is winning Bigg Boss?

Sidharth ShuklaBigg Boss – Season 13/Winners

Is Shehnaz evicted Bigg Boss 13?

Bigg Boss 13 grand finale: Shehnaz Gill gets evicted; battle for the trophy continues between Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz. … Before stepping out for the finale, Shehnaz and Sidharth Shukla had their typical nok-jhok. Sidharth tried his best to calm her down.

Who are the top 2 contestants of Bigg Boss 13?

Bigg Boss 13 Grand Finale Winner: As per reports, Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz are top two contestants.

Does Big Boss is scripted?

However, most of Bigg Boss ex-contestants say while the show is not scripted, it is so slickly edited that it is hard to tell apart fact from fiction. … “Bigg Boss is not at all a scripted show, but a very well-edited show.

Is Bigg Boss 14 a flop?

As per the latest TRP ratings, Bigg Boss 14 is yet not in the top five. Anupamaa featuring Rupali Ganguly has made it to the number one position in terms of TRPs. … As per the report, Anupamaa earned 8,161 impressions while Kundali Bhagya received 7, 681 impressions and made it to the second spot.

Who is the winner of Bigg Boss 13?

Sidharth ShuklaBigg Boss – Season 13/Winners